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New Products GALAXY Vietbuild DOORS tourists in Hanoi in 2012

On 24/3 at the Vietnam Exhibition Centre, 148 Giang Vo, Hanoi, International Exhibition 2012 Vietbuild Hanoi has officially opened. Attending the ceremony were Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tran Nam and leaders of departments, representatives of contractors, companies in the construction sector, real estate, interior and exterior.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Minister of Construction Nguyen Tran Nam said: VietBuild an opportunity for businesses in the country to learn and exchange experiences to improve product quality in new construction, public technology, construction measures towards energy saving, environmentally friendly towards sustainable development. This exhibition of large scale industry, branded national and international, contribute greatly to the promotion of trade, investment cooperation and development of the construction industry.

Also in the morning of 23/4, the exhibition has attracted the attention of many visitors, including product display area opposite the door DOORS GALAXY A1. GALAXY DOORS has many years involved Vietbuild so customers have been very familiar with the exhibition of GALAXY DOORS product. Song, in which the display area of the DOORS GALAXY also attract many customers because the company has brought to the exhibition of the product line with new technologies, novel design style ...

(Design new products introduced in the Fair)

GALAXY DOORS  Booths at fairs Vietbuild 2012

Also, at this exhibition, GALAXY DOORS also introduce additional product lines such as fire resistant steel doors, steel security door high-walled stainless steel and aluminum glass doors, .... In addition to visiting products on display at the GALAXY DOORS product, customers will be involved promotions, discounts ...

Also at the opening ceremony in 2012 Vietbuild Hanoi, VIETNAM GALAXY company was honored to received the gold medal, gold medal product quality awarded by the organizers.

GALAXY DOORS Representative in Vietnam Build Gold Cup 2012

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