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News And Events

Inauguration of hospital Vinmec

On 07/01/2012, International Hospital Vinmec was officially inaugurated. This is the hospital model - hotels with international standard scale of 600 treatment rooms and clinics with 19 departments, 31 specialties with specialized support units.

Ribbon cutting ceremony Hospital Vinmec international
Vinmec Hospital is located on area of ​​nearly 2.5 acres with a floor area of 60.000m2 use, urban Combination of Time City at 460 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. Hospital Project Vinmec be international leaders in Hanoi, Ministry of Health ... appreciate and have been create all favorable conditions to go into operation soon. At the inauguration of the project, Health Minister Nguyen Kim Tien assessment, "This is a 5 star hospital of international standard and are fully comparable to the high-end hospitals in Singapore or Thailand, China ...
The hospital is set Vinmec luxurious, modern
The whole system of hospitals using DOORS GALAXY products include: Stainless steel glass doors, fire resistant doors, industrial doors worth about 15 billion. Specifically, in addition to using the GALAXY product line DOORS door appeared in many popular works, Vinmec hospital was one of the major projects of lead using the system against x-ray, with the specialized skills, modern production by GALAXY DOORS.
(BBT Galaxy Vietnam)

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