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Ban Ve hydropower plants after 2 years in operation.

Ban Ve hydropower plant with a capacity of 320 MW electricity official, drawn into the national electricity network. After nearly two years in operation, the plant has brought practical effect, to meet the needs of economic development - social, improve energy resources and environment in Nghe An province, the match is the work largest hydroelectric North Central region and is one of the largest hydropower projects in Vietnam ...

Work starts in 2004, construction projects Ban Ve hydro-electric power on the river upstream of the Nam Non, and belongs to the four communes: Yen Na, Huu Khuong, and raised Mai Mai Son, Tuong Duong district, Nghe An, the Government focuses on investment and construction with a total amount of 6740 billion.

Implementation of the project schedule, the workers of Song Da Corporation and the construction unit has overcome many difficulties, hard by severe weather, terrain and obstacles in the work cell population displacement, compensation, clearance ... to complete a large volume of work. To ensure water reservoir volume reached 1.8 billion m3, the construction units have built a dam with a height of 137m, 509m long squeezed through two mountain ranges to prevent the Nam Non. The unit also has 3.8 million m3 of earthworks near the rocks, poured over 420 thousand m3 of concrete types. The biggest difficulty in implementing the project is to transport equipment, machinery and other ancillary works with total volume up to 5600 tons from the Port of Cua Lo (Nghe An) over 200 km long to safety. After nearly five years of construction, plant construction project was completed on schedule and ensure compliance with the specifications.
The biggest success of the Ban Ve hydropower project is opened up great prospects, create momentum to change the face of the western region as well as the provinces of Nghe An. With two generating sets, each with a capacity of 100MW, in addition to solving the energy contribution of economic development, modernization, industrialization of the country, Ban Ve hydropower plants also contribute to environmental improvement, water supply, water production, push salt water, prevent floods for both the lower river. In addition, the plant's water reservoirs across 8700km2 also contribute to a temperate zone, especially during the hot dry season and as tourist attractions for tourists at home and abroad.

Ban Ve Hydropower 
After 2 years of completion and handing over the construction of systems for Ban Ve Hydropower, GALAXY DOORS is also continuing the implementation of maintenance activities for products, contributing to provide support to the project management project management, use and protect the best plant to its full capacity, ensuring the objectives of national security, economic development - social, human and environment.
In this work the contractor GALAXY DOORS produces and steel fire door systems, industrial steel doors, rolling doors, safety glass wall ... with a total volume of more than 2000m2.
Currently, the project manager with Tuong Duong district administration has planned the establishment of tourism units, transport services and aquaculture and conduct calling for investment, links to buy boats effectively exploit the potential of this region hydropower.

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